Cheap PC Gaming Setup Ideas – A Gamer’s Prospective

Showing off your gaming setup to your friends is very rewarding – the look of awe and envy you get every time you show your pride and joy is worth the effort put into the setup. I am going to take you through a few of my favorite gaming setups I found online that can be pulled off for minimal dollar value, so you can spend your hard earned money buying the next big game! First, I would like to say that my own setup isn’t anything fancy but it is very functional and looks clean and crisp:

My gaming setup in my small gaming room

This setup is nothing fancy at all (ignore the clutter, we ran out of room in our home), but when you are on a budget, you can still get some pretty nice looking setups. The screen is attached to a movable mount for optimal height/angle/distance, with the computer on the right side to give the element of an isolated space for gaming. To the right my girlfriend also has her own battlestation, that way we can communicate easily when pairing up online! The only thing missing here is a headset mount and a tidy cable system, which isn’t necessary but nice to have (looking into it!). Overall, I think between the desk, chair, and mount, this cost me under CDN$200 (Ikea will be your best friend for cheap but good quality materials.)

Now, lets get into some ideas I found online that would be a great start for your own setup!

1. The “Crisp + Clean” Setup

This setup involves one monitor (albeit quite a large one),no bright accent lights or any additional flashy elements, and simple equipment. This is similar to my setup, but a bit more elegant. Again, you will notice the simplicity here – no flashy lights or graphics, just the necessities. Is it just me, or is there something oddly satisfying in simplicity?

2a. Multiple Monitor Setup – Side by Side


Here is a great idea if you are looking for multiple monitors on your gaming setup. The only difference in this setup and a setup like my own is the multiple monitors, which would be approx CDN$150-200 each for decent quality. You can still see the Ikea desk here (quite popular with gaming setups as they are quite inexpensive and look sleek) and even the same Ikea chair I have to go along with it.

2b. Multiple Monitor Setup – Stacked


Some of us gamers, however, would like their monitors on top of each other to minimize their head movement, or for some other odd reason that I cannot figure out….. Here is a perfect minimalist example of just that. This is more for an office setting, but just change your computer specs and upgrade the keyboard/mouse and viola! Again, this setup comes relatively cheap, as the only things you need to buy for the setup that are different from the previous are another monitor and a headset stand.

3. The “Not-So-Simplistic-But-Still-Simple” Setup

Some setups, like this one, are really quite eye catching and beautiful to look at, but still simple enough to be very elegant. Now, as you can expect, setups such as this will be more expensive, as there are more components involved. However, the blue accent lighting might be worth it, as this looks very appealing and brings an overall badass appeal to this setup. The additional attributes of this setup are the additional shelving on top of the desk (Ikea desk, Ikea shelving) for storage and, of course, the blue lighting, which could put you back about CDN$150-200 avg. This setup is something I would like to accomplish if I had a couple hundred dollars extra laying around.

4. Going All Out

OK, so I know this one won’t be cheap (as per the header…), but I wanted to bring out the big guns and show you all what your gaming setup COULD look like, if you have enough resources + the drive to make an awesome layout. I have a few setups here that are truly amazing and ones I not-so-secretly yearn for:

Overall, you can make your setup as simple or extravagant as you would like, the choice is yours. Just know that a great gaming setup is easily attainable with some creativity and drive!

Which type of setup do you like? Let know your comments below!


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