Dead Matter, A Zombie PVP/PVE Survival Game, To Launch Alpha Soon – A Gamer’s Prospective

Since the zombie survival community lost “Just Survive” in late 2018, A lot of us have been yearning for a new exciting, zombie-slaying, base-fortifying, player vs. player zombie survival game, and we are soon to have our wishes granted. Dead Matter is a Canadian based (finally!) zombie survival game that looks to rival both Just Survive and DayZ. I might be biased (as I am Westcoast Canadian), but so far, Dead Matter has shown landscape beauty far grater than any zombie survival game I have played in some of its teaser images:

To further this, It has been announced that there will possibly be 2 maps you can slay on, one located in Calgary, and an expansion on Vancouver Island, B.C. Not only that, but the buildings, shops, and supermarkets are based off of real businesses, such as Safeway, Tim Hortons, and Dollar Tree. Highway Road signs also looks EXACTLY like they should for our highways, down to the colour and location of information on the sign.

Dollar Store
Example Of Road Signs

To us Canadians playing this game, this is a brilliant move from Quantum Integrity Software Inc. As we can relate to the structures and all of our subconscious feelings regarding them will be drawn into the game. For example, I actually used to work at Safeway for 8 years, so if I were to see Safewee in-game, it would certainly bring back familiarity, as well as memories of working there, allowing for a more fulfilling game experience. Same goes for Jimmies – As almost every Canadian has been to a Tim Hortons before, your mind will subconsciously wander to that last honey glazed or medium double double you ordered.

Dead Matter has already been featured on Global News in Canada back in 2017, where Zorko describes the game and its future direction. He even states ” I think nailing the feel of actually being here, rather than just the accurate layout and location and making sure that every rock is in the right place. Making sure that it feels right, is very important to us.”  Mission accomplished so far! I feel this game will bring me one step closer to actually feeling like I am in a zombie apocalypse.


Not only does the scenery actually stem from real places in Canada, but the power and water systems also stem from realistic elements. In Dead Matter, you cannot just place lights anywhere and have them work, they need to be run by a generator or internal power grid, or else they will not function. Furthermore, there is running water that can be contaminated by said zombies, as well as chopped trees that create different terrain for survivors. Speaking of environments, Dead Matter also incorporates seasons into the game, where the terrain, resource availability, and body temperature will be affected either negatively or positively, depending on the season.

Source: Quantum Integrity Solutions Inc.


One of the biggest development goals for Quantum Integrity Solutions Inc. Is it’s the replay aspect of the game. In the game, if there is a big hoard present, an “event” can occur, which will offer the survivors rewards such as loot and resources upon completion, or penalties to survivors, depending on your actions. This gives the game a hint of player controlled world elements that can change your experience in game each time an event occurs. Furthermore, each server that is set up will not have the exact same map: Some quarantine zones, bunkers, and other buildings will be placed randomly throughout the map, which ensures the map doesn’t get stale and you can always come upon new areas to explore with each new server.

Source: Quantum Integrity Solutions Inc.

Claiming Bases

Dead Matter allows you to claim houses, buildings, shops, even police departments for you and your team to defend against zombies and other survivors alike, with each building coming with its own bonuses and drawbacks. It does not, however, let you build a base from scratch. Designing Dead Matter this way does give the game a more realistic appeal – If I were stuck in a zombie apocalypse, I wouldn’t start off by trying to build a house from scratch…I would try to fortify an already existing area. I can see this building system forcing some kind of bartering with players, in which you will have to trade food for supplies, etc., depending on which building(s) you decide to fortify. However, be careful who you trust with these trades, as SOME survivors might be looking to double cross you. With these bases, you can board up windows, doorways, move and place furniture anywhere you wish – make the building truly customizable to what YOU want.

Overall, Dead Matter is a much anticipated zombie survival game that offers replayability, customization, and realistic gameplay that will keep survivors happy and wanting more. Quantum Integrity Solutions Inc. continuously comes out with new updates, the most recent is their Development Vlog #6 (below) which lets their community members know what they have been working on for the past little bit:

To date (February 24, 2019), Dead Matter has over 5,400 backers (players that have donated to get the game up and running ASAP) and have pledged over $285,000 towards this goal. If you want to learn more about Dead Matter, visit their Webpage, facebook, or Discord. If you wish to become a backer, you can click here for more information. I, for one, cannot wait to dive into the world Quantum Integrity Solutions Inc. has been working on developing for the last few years. We are almost there, survivors, hang in there!

-Prospective Gamer

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