Borderlands GOTY Enhanced FREE For PC – A Gamer’s Prospective

Borderlands (the original) has finally been remastered and was released this week for PC/XBOX/PS4. Now, for the best part: If you already own the original Borderlands on Steam, Borderlands: Game of the Year Enhanced should already be in your Steam library absolutely free! What comes with the Borderlands GOTY Enhanced release, you ask? Keep reading to find out!

1. ALL Borderlands 1 DLC included

You read that right, not only do you get the base game free, but all the borderlands 1 DLC (even if you didn’t previously own it!) These include:

  1. DLC1 – The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned.
  2. DLC2 – Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot.
  3. DLC3 – The Secret Armory of General Knoxx.
  4. DLC4 – Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution.

2. Visually Remastered

Of course, the main reason a game gets re-released is for a visual remaster (similar to COD4 + Halo 2 remastered). Gearbox Software and Blind Squirrel Games have released this with improved textures, lighting, and character models that apply to both the base game AND all the DLC!

3. Cosmetics Update

Here, you can actually change your vault hunters appearance, not just their outfit colors. Each vault hunter will have 5 new ‘cosmetic heads’ to choose from, all available at the start of the game. For those of you loving customization, this is a step in the right direction!

4. Function Improvements / Updates

The developers have taken a couple ideas from borderlands 2 and placed them in Borderlands GOTY Enhanced. These include:

  • Item management (can simply mark as junk, or lock the item so you cannot accidentally throw it away.
  • Minimap updates, which can be toggled, to have a more in-depth map experience.
  • Automatically pick up money, ammo, and health from the ground – no more having to click for every stray ammo pack.


Similar to Borderlands 2, we now have SHiFT codes in Borderlands GOTY Enhanced, meaning more loot, baby! If you are unaware, SHiFT codes unlock golden keys, which are used to unlock a special chest spawning in a common area. On this note, those of you who have played Borderlands 2 or Borderlands: The Pre-sequel on PC will be given 75 FREE Golden Keys, AND 2 random all-new weapons to their first character created. Pretty awesome, right?

P.S. The new chest is in Fyrestone, close to where you first spawn in after starting a new playthrough.

6. New Legendary Weapons

With Borderlands GOTY Enhanced, 6 new Legendary weapons are being introduced into play, all cleverly named, no doubt. Here’s to something just as good as the “Combustion Hellfire” or “Pestilent Defiler.” These can be acquired by beating certain bosses (Crawmerax?!?) or by gathering Golden Keys.

7. Updated Boss Battle

As a fellow vault hunter, I felt the last boss battle in the campaign was a little…..lackluster…for lack of a better term. Well, Borderlands GOTY Enhanced comes out with an updated final boss battle said to be more “engaging, challenging, and rewarding.” I can’t wait for the last fight!

With all these changes, I am looking to sink tons more hours into the original shoot and loot game that had me hooked from the first chest.

-Prospective Gamer

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