SkipTheDishes vs Doordash Food Delivery Side Hustles, Which is better? – A Gamer’s Prospective

Nothing is getting cheaper, and now more than ever more and more North Americans have to rely on a second part time "side hustle" to get by or get ahead.

How to Be Happy at Work – A Gamer’s Prospective

To some, being miserable at work has become a way of life - How often have you sat at work dreaming about the day you finally walk out and quit, or feel defeated because you aren't getting paid enough for the dedication and hard work you give your company? If you are one of these... Continue Reading →

Are Hot Dogs Actually Tacos In Disguise? – A Gamer’s Prospective

I was out with some friends on the weekend when this topic came up , and there were some pretty solid arguments for and against the claim that "hot dogs are just Mexican tacos." I did a little research and found out this is a huge thing right now on the internet, so I thought... Continue Reading →

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